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        Logistics Operation Manager




        上海市 | 本科 | 5-10年

        工作地點:上海市 所屬部門:Supply Chain
        職位類別:物流經理/主管 招聘人數:1 人

        This position will be part of the Leadership Team that manages any of the following functions in support of the flow of information and product from origin to destination optimizing costs while meeting customer service policy commitments. Manage all aspects of logistics client relationship and customer service policy commitments for product destined to Disney Clients. Manage following aspects of logistics including, but not limited to: logistics systems management, Supplier relationship management, Client relationship management, Supply Chain Partner relationship management, logistics contracting, transportation daily flow services, freight audit/payment and logistics projects which achieve service level commitments while minimizing costs.

        -Freight Audit and Payment
        oEstablish and maintain the operations guideline for supply chain partners payment process
        oLead a team to audit and manage the invoice from 3PL, carriers and customs broker etc.
        oWork with 3PL, carrier, DC and clients at APAC to handle the claims.
        oProvide the visibility to management on the logistics cost analyst.
        oLead the team to maintain the landing cost for APAC region.

        -Logistics operation coordination
        oCoordinate with ITM, LOB, customs broker and DC to support the local exception management.
        oActing as a representative from APAC logistics at Shanghai to support INTL and DOM delivery.
        oReview the 3PL performance at Shanghai regularly.

        -Logistics Projects
        oManage projects as identified in our business that drive improvements in service, cost systems or other areas as deemed necessary

        ?Daily Operations Management
        ?Manage efficient product flow and strategies via exceptions management to meet product demand.
        ?Manage all shipments from Supplier cancel date, delivery compliance, consolidation, to distribution center appointments utilizing system to accomplish consistent days in transit.
        ?Manage the forecast of upcoming volume Carrier needs and commitments.
        ?Network Optimization
        ?Logistics network flow optimization – lane, hub and flow processes
        ?Freight terms optimization – Convert Supplier managed freight costs imbedded in first cost to Disney managed freight
        ?Logistics Management System (ORACLE)
        ?Manage the system users daily operations – ready to ship, planning, shipment tendering, consolidation, delivery receipt, audit and payment.
        ?User operating guidelines, training and performance
        ?In partnership with Strategic Sourcing, manage all aspects of supply chain partner contract negotiation and ion and Service Level Agreements
        ?Domestic – FTL, LTL, Parcel, Special Haul, 3PL and International – Ocean, Drayman, Int’l Air, 3PL
        ?Supply Chain Partner Performance
        ?Performance dashboards and metrics standards
        ?Quarterly supply chain partner performance continuous improvement feedback sessions and planning.
        ?Supplier Relationship Management
        ?Logistics systems access and Supplier shipment booking management
        ?Training manual, training and improvement/issues resolution
        ?Route guides
        ?Supplier scorecards and metrics
        ?Disney Internal Clients Relationship Management
        ?Create and maintain the Logistics Client Service Policy quarterly metrics, scorecards and dashboard.
        ?Identify variances, reasons and coordinate Logistics management quarterly internal and external reviews to drive continuous improvement
        ?Inbound reporting – status of orders to merchants, planning and distribution center.
        ?Logistics models for our Clients (e.g. estimated landed cost estimates/actual, cycle time, native transit costs, etc)
        ?Client Freight Account Reconciliation (Paid, Received, ELC/ALC, ITM Opt)
        ?Identify spend variance reasons and strategize solutions
        ?Manage all contract negotiation spend impacts and reporting
        ?Logistics Budgets, cause of change and five year planning

        ?Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
        ?Minimum 5 years’ experience in a supply chain or logistics position, or related field
        ?International logistics network experience a plus
        ?ORACLE OTM experience a plus
        ?Experience with supply chain optimization models and analysis
        ?Project Management
        ?Strong computer and financial assessment and modeling skills
        ?SQL proficiency
        ?Proven experience and strong understanding of data cleansing and validation techniques
        ?Strong attention to detail
        ?Self motivated
        ?Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills
        ?Effective presentation skills
        ?Proven ability to function effectively in a team-oriented environment
        ?Excellent Guest/Customer focus
        ?Industrial Engineering experience a plus
        ?Supervisory Leadership experience

        學歷要求:本科 工作經驗:5-10年
        年齡要求:不限 性別要求:不限
        公司性質:外商獨資 公司規模:10000人以上

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